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Hi, guys. I'm am quite thrilled, certainly one among my favorite people on our planet, and that I literally just met him today. U M, but I'm honored to have, uh, Muncie or sir Zen Perry on here along with me personally. How are you sir? Thank you. Oh, I'm am only. S O elated, and I have to just say, Ohmygod, '' you composed this book called the alabaster girl, and it was like spoken out of heaven.

It is the most beautiful book my eyes have ever read, and it only has changed my life as a woman and and as a, uh, an expert and I just, wow. Alabaster woman. Wow. I appreciate that. Yeah. This is a, there's a lot of times that book, you understand , took me a very long time, probably ten yearsago So I'm glad it has a lot of meaning for you and everybody resonates together with you personally on the degree that I composed it.


Yeah. It, it stirs a lot better. Umit, it's so. Beautifully intricate because it stirs things in my personal heart as a woman. It delivers clarity to me and what's going on. Things that I have yet to be able to put words to. It is like you've put words into so many matters similar to, you know, with masculinity, with, with me as a woman, feeling safe and celebrated.

It's only therefore, it's, it's. It is, and it is incredibly spiritual. And also the myths, I mean, it is just, it encompasses a lot of so many colours, therefore many flavors, therefore many depths for this. It's just, it truly is a masterpiece. Oh, quite kinda, you say every appreciate that. I mean, for example, yeahit was a, it was perhaps not an easy matter. The hardest thing I've done will be produce that book.

I sat out to capture a sense of the spirit of some thing as opposed to any sort of like description or any type of language or any type of,'' Mmm, actionable actions, if you know what I mean. Have you attempted to capture like a, as you said, you a spiritual essence that, that I presume we are overlooking across the board in certainly thisparticular.

And our secular relationship to soccer, you know, head and globe and nighttime . And so, yeah. So I really love, I really like that it is maybe not a practical ABC one, two, a few procedure sort of item, because you realize, there's really out there. I have that on the market and it's really perhaps not bringing men any Liberty whatsoever. They truly are still just as caught in their heads.

As and and what you're, what you're leading individuals by means of with this book can be an online dating sites encounter. It's an experience. And if you believe about any of it with adult men, like that they go on this journey with women to ultimately experience a woman and making love, having sexual intercourse with her. But when, as soon as you are actually in the present time of making enjoy, there's practically nothing heady about it.

I mean, there is 1 head however, maybe not, you know what I mean? You'll find nothing heady about. It truly is all about an encounter and knowledge, and therefore it's similar to, to me, it's normal sense to go, no more, you can't achieve this via a method. It really is some thing that you just have to have to encounter. Exactly like making like a woman is, there is absolutely no way.

That you really don't proceed. Well, first, I will slide my manhood . It isn't about that. It really is about that come across. And I believe that's the heartbeat of your book. Yeah, it really is a, yeah, they has it. And you also observe that the book is, the way the book is written is extremely, um, there is a great deal of ornamentation within it. By thatI meanyou understand, whenever an editor captured ahold of this , well, it hadn't edited, but if I shed that editor to that entire, they having a dip it down about a third.

And that will have only been saying, essentially, you realize precisely the sentences, but it couldn't have had the rhythm, so you understand, the the the the, the way the book is prepared had to have the rhythm of an man's encounter with a woman and also the avid stream and the and the the sacred dance in between your polarities of female and masculine edge, you understand, and therefore the language had to capture that.